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Timeless Polishing Bar - Cocoa + Coco <br /> 可可滋潤煥膚皂 -

Timeless Organics

Timeless Polishing Bar - Cocoa + Coco

$ 168.00


*100%天然 & 有機認證成分


香味 香甜細膩的巧克力及椰子味

**可可滋潤煥膚皂是全人手製造 - 形狀不同乃正常現象,並不會影響其品質及效果!

容量 - 4oz 

Timeless Polishing Bar - Cocoa + Coco

*100% Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients 

It's fair to say that we are LOCO for this Cocoa - Coco Bar Soap! A mix of pure cocoa butter and raw coconut oil; this is a luxurious lather you and your skin are going to fall in love with. Packed with nutrients; this soap will leave your skin clean, recharged, and softer than ever! But wait, it gets better!... We have added whole organic oats and raw cacao powder to help scrub, buff, and exfoliate your skin! + Use the Cocoa - Coco Bar Soap daily to help reduce cellulite and stretch marks!

Aroma - Delicately sweet with chocolate & coconut notes.

**Our Polishing Bar is made by hand - variation in shape and size is 100% normal!

Size - 4oz



椰子油*、棕櫚油、紅花油、甘油 (來源於植物)、可可脂(未經提煉)、野生可可*、燕麥粒*、淨化水、氫氧化鈉 (皂化劑)、山梨醣醇 (保濕劑)、燕麥蛋白質 (調節劑)、二氧化鈦 (天然美白礦物質)



Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerine (Vegetable Origin), Cocoa Butter (unrefined), Raw Cacao*, Ground Oatmeal*, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Saponifying Agent), Sorbitol (Moisturizer), Oat Protein (conditioner), Titanium Dioxide (natural mineral whitener).

*Certified Organic



以濕潤的手搓揉至起泡,輕輕按摩於濕潤肌膚 (避開眼周位置),再以清水沖洗乾淨,然黎抹乾。這款煥膚皂適合全身使用,包括面部。


Directions for use:

Lather and massage into wet skin (avoiding immediate eye area). Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. This soap is safe for entire body use, including your face.

Store in a cool/dry place to extend life of soap. 

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