Facial Serum
Barbary Fig + Rosehip CO2
仙人掌果 + 玫瑰果 CO2

Birchrose + Co

>Description 產品說明





1安士 / 30毫升

適合素食主義 + 無動物測試


A concentrated blend of penetrative botanical oils delivers high levels of nutrient rich unsaturated fatty acids, gamma linoleic acid, and Vitamin C to the skin.

An aromatic synergy of Rose Damascena Oil, supercharged Carrot Seed Oil, and highly vibrant Helichrysum Oil restore the skin’s balance and texture, revealing a more radiant complexion and natural glow. 

Formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging, the oils of Barbary Fig, Supercritical Rosehip Seed, Squalane, Pumpkin Seed, Baobab and Chia Seed pair together to nourish parched skin and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier from environmental elements. 

1oz / 30mL


Made in USA

>Ingredients 成分 

仙人掌果油*、猴麵包樹油*、奇亞籽油*、南瓜籽油、角鯊烯油、玫瑰果 CO2*、CoQ10*、沙棘油 CO2*、月見草、茉莉花萃取、大馬士革玫瑰萃取、蠟菊油


Barbary Fig Oil*, Baobob Oil*, Chia Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Squalane Oil, Rosehip CO2*, Coenzyme Q10, Sea Buckthorn CO2*, Evening Primrose, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Rose Damascena Absolute, Helichrysum Oil

*Certified Organic

>How to Use 使用方法

使用前先搖勻。取 2-4 滴精華,塗於潔淨的面部、頸部及肩部,輕輕往上按摩肌膚。建議用爽膚水後,於濕潤皮膚上使用精華效果更佳

Apply 2-4 drops onto fingers, press and pat over cleansed face, neck, and décolletage in an upward motion. For best results apply after toner while skin is hydrated. 

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