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Timeless Raw African Black Soap

Timeless Organics


Timeless Raw African Black Soap

*100% Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients 

Introducing our RAW African Black Soap! Most African Black Soaps on the market use an African Black Soap "Base" mixed with other additives. Our African Black Soap is delivered to you in its purest form, minimally processed and harvested from the source!

Our RAW African Black Soap provides a powerful skin healing punch! Although an EXTREMELY gentle cleanser, it provides a deep cleanse, killing bacteria and removing harmful toxins built up on the skin. This soap is great for oily / acne prone skin and offers relief from psoriasis, eczema, rashes, dryness and other skin conditions. 

**Our RAW African Black Soap is cold pressed and shaped by hand - variation in shape is 100% normal!

Size - 4oz


Shea Butter*, Osun (Camwood), Apricot Kernel Oil*, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Aloe vera*, Lime Juice, Water.

*Certified Organic 

How to Use  

Massage into wet skin (avoiding immediate eye area). Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Store in a cool/dry place to extend life of soap.


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