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Brand - TOSC

Timeless Organics Skin Care ("Timeless Organics") is based out of Northern New Jersey, USA, making skin care products the right way, by hand! Timeless Organics' main mission is to provide the world with a truthful skin care line that people can trust, no shortcuts, no gimmicks, and no fillers. Timeless Organics is dedicated to the research and implementation of the finest ingredients, putting extra effort into effective skin care without the use of GMO ingredients, chemicals, sulfates, parabens, artificial colorings or fragrances. All of its products are 100% natural and made with certified organic ingredients.

Timeless Organics takes great pride in being eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, and giving back. All of Timeless Organics products are packaged and labeled with 100% recycled materials and maintain eco-friendly production methods with little waste. Timeless Organics is also an animal loving company, and being a cruelty free is very important to them, they never have and never will test their products on animals.

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Timeless Organics Skin Care「Timeless Organics」是源自美國新澤西州北部的護膚品牌,以全人手方式製造的天然有機護膚品!Timeless Organics 目標是打造一個真正可讓人信賴的護膚品系列,絕無捷徑,絕無花巧,絕無添加。Timeless Organics 投入大量時間研發,並細心選用最優質素材打造最有效的護膚產品,產品不含基因改造成分,不使用任何化學成分、礦物油、硫酸鹽、「對羥基苯甲酸酯」防腐劑、人造色素及香料。所有產品都是100%天然並採用有機認證成分提煉而成,適合問題肌膚及孕婦使用。

Timeless Organics 的產品以重視生態環境,反對使用動物測試,適合素食主義者及回饋大自然「野生動物保護網絡」為理念。所有包裝均以100%可再造物料製造,採用對生態環境友好的生產模式令廢物減至最少。Timeless Organics 也是一個熱愛動物的公司,並嚴厲反對以動物作產品測試,Timeless Organics 從來沒有,也永遠不會在動物身上作產品測試。