Timeless Lavender & Vanilla Scrub
薰衣草 + 雲尼拿芳療磨砂

Timeless Organics

>Description 產品說明

薰衣草 + 雲尼拿芳療磨砂

*100%天然 & 有機認證成分

薰衣草 + 雲尼拿芳療磨砂非常適合睡前使用,溫和的草本配方不但可清潔肌膚,更有助緩和情緒。這款磨砂採用喜瑪拉雅玫瑰海鹽,質感細緻精巧,可以溫和地去除肌膚舊角質,同時提供84種微量礦物質,令海鹽與水混和時能釋效具美肌功效的離子能量。這款磨砂結合具超強護膚功效的薰衣草、洋甘菊及雲尼拿精華,幫助舒緩滋潤肌膚及放鬆心情,不會在市面上買到的!

香味 芳甜的薰衣草味配以清新花香


容量 - 4oz / 118ml

Timeless Lavender & Vanilla Scrub

*100% Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients 

It’s been a long day, let us help you relax! Our signature Lavender & Vanilla "Bed Time" Scrub combines aromatically soothing herbs to help clear your skin and clear your mind! This fine scrub harnesses the power of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to gently exfoliate your skin while providing a whopping 84 trace minerals, plus a unique ionic energy that is released when the salt is mixed with water. The benefits of our Lavender & Vanilla "Bed Time" Scrub are truly magical! The powerful combination of lavender, chamomile, and vanilla extracts help sooth and relax your skin as well as your mind unlike any other product on the market!

Aroma - Delicately sweet lavender with fresh floral notes.

***Remember our products are hand made with no fillers, separation and variation is 100% normal!

Size - 4oz / 118ml


>Ingredients 成分





Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Cane Sugar*, Safflower Seed Oil*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sesame Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Olive Oil*, Lavender Flowers*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Vanilla Bean*, Vitamin E, Vitamin A.

*Certified Organic


>How to Use 使用方法 


輕輕按摩濕潤的肌膚 (避開眼周位置),再以清水沖洗乾淨,然黎抹乾。如果磨砂開始硬化,可以添加少量植物油,然後搖勻。


Directions for use:

Massage into wet skin (avoiding immediate eye area). Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. If scrub begins to harden add a few drops of vegetable oil and shake.

**Take 1-2 days off between each exfoliation to allow skin cell regeneration.

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