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Timeless Raw African Black Soap <br /> 舒緩濕疹非洲黑皂 -

Timeless Organics

Timeless Raw African Black Soap

$ 198.00


*100%天然 & 有機認證成分


舒緩濕疹非洲黑皂能強效治療問題肌膚,性質溫和,可深層潔淨肌膚,為肌膚消炎抗菌,清除積聚在肌膚的毒素及污染物。非常適合油性 / 暗瘡皮膚,並能舒緩牛皮癬、濕疹、皮疹、乾燥或其他問題肌膚狀況。

**舒緩濕疹非洲黑皂採用冷壓技術及人手形塑 - 形狀不同乃正常現象,並不會影響其品質及效果!

容量 - 4oz

Timeless Raw African Black Soap

*100% Natural & Certified Organic Ingredients 

Introducing our RAW African Black Soap! Most African Black Soaps on the market use an African Black Soap "Base" mixed with other additives. Our African Black Soap is delivered to you in its purest form, minimally processed and harvested from the source!

Our RAW African Black Soap provides a powerful skin healing punch! Although an EXTREMELY gentle cleanser, it provides a deep cleanse, killing bacteria and removing harmful toxins built up on the skin. This soap is great for oily / acne prone skin and offers relief from psoriasis, eczema, rashes, dryness and other skin conditions. 

**Our RAW African Black Soap is cold pressed and shaped by hand - variation in shape is 100% normal!

Size - 4oz



乳木果油脂*、Osun (非洲紫檀)、杏仁油*、可可豆粉、棕櫚果粉、濃縮蘆薈葉汁*、檸檬汁、水



Shea Butter*, Osun (Camwood), Apricot Kernel Oil*, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Aloe vera*, Lime Juice, Water.

*Certified Organic 



輕輕按摩於濕潤肌膚 (避開眼周位置),再以清水沖洗乾淨,然黎抹乾。


Directions for use:

Massage into wet skin (avoiding immediate eye area). Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Store in a cool/dry place to extend life of soap.

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