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Timeless Toner - Oily / Acne Prone

Timeless Organics

Timeless Toner - Oily / Acne Prone

*100% Natural & 99% Certified Organic Ingredients 

Timeless Organics is thrilled to be able to share simple yet effective Timeless Toner with the world. Over the counter facial toners leave your skin dry and lifeless and are almost entirely made up of chemicals and fillers. Timeless Toner uses only a handful of natural ingredients that will leave your skin healthy and clear! Timeless Toner for troubled skin is specifically formulated to treat acne prone and oily skin types. 

Size - 4oz / 118mL 

Purified Water, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Australian Tea tree Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Myrrh Oil*, Frankincense Oil*.

*Certified Organic  

Apply only to clean skin. Spray onto cotton pad or directly into hands and dab on face, focusing on the “T” zone.

It is very important to let the toner air dry, do NOT pat dry.

If suffering from dry skin make sure to follow Timeless Toner with lotion.

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