Kabuki Brush
Kabuki 蜜粉掃

M.O.T.D Cosmetics

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>Description 產品說明

一款優質、無動物測試及純素的Kabuki 蜜粉掃,適合塗抹碎粉或粉餅,可塑造高清完美的底妝。


Kabuki 蜜粉掃擁有特大圓拱形掃頭,絕對是上粉最佳之選。

MOTD 化妝掃獨特之處

每支 MOTD 化妝掃都有印上使用說明。所有 MOTD 化妝掃都經 PETA 無動物測試認證及適合素食主義。比起動物毛,MOTD 化妝掃採用的創新刷毛更安全、柔軟、易用、易組合色彩,適合所有皮膚類型使用。

A high-performance cruelty free vegan kabuki brush created for ease of applying your loose or pressed finishing powders for a flawless photo-ready complexion.


This powder brush is designed to apply, blend, and buff loose, pressed, foundations or powders. Its fluffy bristles make it also ideal for applying bronzer to the body.
Our kabuki powder brush features a large dome shaped brush head for optimal product performance.


Every MOTD Cosmetics makeup brush features usage instructions stamped on the handle. All MOTD brushes are certified PETA cruelty free and vegan. MOTD Cosmetics uses innovative bristles that are safe for all skin types, soft, applies and blends beautifully compared to brushes that are made from animal hair.

> Ingredients 成分

M.O.T.D Cosmetics 化妝掃採用 (TAKLON) 天然植物纖維毛製成,是一種摹擬動物毛的高級合成聚酯纖維。

M.O.T.D brushes are made out of TAKLON: a high grade synthetic polyester fiber that mimics animal hair.

>How to Use 使用方法


Apply, blend, buff and set loose or pressed, foundation or setting powders.
Take it a step further and use this brush for a natural sun-kissed glow, dip brush into your favorite bronzer and apply to body.

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